I Found Real Gold Treasure! Dig 2 x 3 packs Treasure X SET with chest! Unboxing Moose Toys for kids!

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Treasure X is a definitive amazement uncover collectible with a multi layered uncover process, cool figures, and the opportunity to discover REAL fortune! Tear, Fizz and Chip away to uncover the layers and find the mysteries covered up inside!

The Legends of Treasure Set contains 3 Treasure squares for you to uncover. Inside one of these squares you are ensured to locate a REAL Gold Dipped Treasure! As you investigate the 10 dimensions of experience, you will likewise find 3 amazing brilliant seekers! Which brilliant fortune seekers will you find? There are 9 seekers to gather from the Legends of Treasure Sets!

3 unique packs are found in each Quest for Dragon’s Gold Treasure Chest! Locate a Mini Beast, a Treasure Hunter puppet and a Legendary Dragon in each pack! With guaranteed restrictive brilliant dolls that must be in this pack Plus the main pack where you’ll discover ensured genuine gold plunged treasure, this is one journey not to be missed!

Absorb the unboxings block water for 30 seconds, at that point utilize the X-Cavator to begin burrowing!  Find bones and weapons of the Mini Beast, Treasure Hunters and Dragons who have preceded you! Uncover every one of the bones and construct your Treasure seeker! There are 24 seeker characters to gather!

Reveal the chest and spill out the seepage to see which treasure is inside! Which genuine gold plunged fortune will you find inside? There are three unique arrangements in the Quest for Dragon’s Gold Treasure Chest each with 3 selective puppets (Mini Beast, Hunter and Dragon) Collect every one of the 9 of these restrictive figs and the gold that comes in each pack!

This is so exciting and best! Grab it now!